Google Starts To Roll Out ICS For Nexus S

Ice Cream Sandwich has definitely been the hot shot talk of the town. After a pretty mixed response post the launch of the flagship device the Galaxy Nexus, the famed OS is all set to be rolled out to the existing device. The first in the queue is not surprisingly the Samsung Nexus S. The ICS updates have started rolling out for the second Nexus device have begun rolling out and would be reaching your device shortly.

However, there is no news if you happen to own the 4G version of the same phone, which is pretty disappointing. Plenty of devices are expected to follow the suite with Galaxy S2 and Motorola Droid Razr pretty much next in turn to receive the update. There is also bad news if you happen to own the first of the Nexus devices i.e. Nexus One as it has been confirmed that there would be no Ice Cream Sandwich action for the HTC manufactured phone.

Google announced the roll out over its G+ place here.

There is also a very detailed Help guide that is available for the users who are switching from the Gingerbread OS to ICS which can be read here  .

Just in case you have missed the launch of Google’s latest OS then here is our very own detailed guide to what is new in ICS and how it is  different to the previous versions of Android OS.

Would you be upgrading to the ICS? What feature are you most excited about? Do let us know in the comments below.

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