Google Take Out: Yet Another New Generation Tool From Google

It is no secret that Google has taken over the web. Simply put Google rules the web. From Gmail, to Picasa to Maps to various other services we have all become Google addicts. So what would happen if we wish to dismantle this and take our data out? In fact, at times we don’t even know how much of our data Google has stored? For this purpose, Google rolled out with the new service known as  Google Take out.

Yes, it is a slightly weird name, but the service does exactly what the name suggests. For example if you have been storing your images on the Picasa service, and one fine day you wish to move these images out, Google Take Out would help you to do it. It receives all your images from Picasa and neatly compiles them into an archive of .rar files and you are set to use these images somewhere else.


So far the supported services are Buzz, Contacts and Circles, Picasa Web Albums, Profile and Stream, but Google promises support for more services and products in the coming months.

Once you have received your data you would be able to use it and transport it to various other portable services or even to the cloud using some of the popular services like Dropbox. The service has received rave reviews and people are calling this as no co incidence that the launch of the take out comes just as Google has introduced its new service Google+ as it gets set to battle heads on with the social media giants, Facebook.

For sure this is one Google release that’s to keep an eye on for the future.

You can watch the video of the service here:

Check out Google Takeout.

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