Google To Pursue Google Glass Under The Code Name of Project Aura

Google will be pursuing its Google Glass Project under a new code name called ‘Project Aura’. The name is strikingly similar to that of Project Ara, and just so that you are not confused, we would like to mention that Project Ara is the name of the team that is building the modular smartphone. While Google actively pursued the Glass project a couple of years ago, long standing privacy concerns such as the ability to record videos in public without anyone coming to know were the reasons why the project was abandoned and Google had stopped selling the $1500 gadget.

Google Glass-1st gen

Now with the dust settled on all the controversies, Google has decided to pursue the project all over again. The team is still being lead by Ivy Ross, the man who previously was handling the Google Glass Team. The new team has been on a bit of a hiring spree with several engineers joining the team off late. It has been reported by Wall Street Journal that several of these engineers have come from the failed Lab126 division from Amazon which was focusing on Fire Phone that horribly failed. One such ex-Lab126 engineers, Dmitry Svetlov put it on his LinkedIn profile that he was working on the project describing it “Glass and Beyond”. It specified that his team were building cool wearable, giving a hint that Google Glass may not well be the only new wearable out from Google’s labs in the coming months.

According to the report, Google is already sharing the prototypes of the new Glass with companies in healthcare and energy sectors so that they can partner and create things for them.

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