Google TV Updated

Google TV is a next generation way to watch TV. Apart from several TV channels provided by cable vendors, you can watch channels from the web like YouTube, Netflix, CNET and many more. The initial release of Google TV was not a big success but with lots of advanced features no one can deny its power and potential.

Recently Google updated its software and makes it more simple and advanced. Here are the features added by Google:

1. Simplicity: Now onward you won’t have any complain about its complicated interface. The Google TV is much simple to use now. You can customize your home screen to get your favorite content at one place.

2. Easily search content: The main problem for Google TV users was to search the favorite video among the ocean of channels. Google made it easy. You can check out a new app known as “TV & Movies” and you can quickly access 80,000 movies and TV episodes all across the web and satellite channels.

3. More Apps: Now users can use any Android app on TV. Isn’t it the coolest thing added to Google TV! No restrictions of apps to be touch screen, GPS, or telephony compatible.

4. Better YouTube: No one can deny the face that YouTube is the most widely and most lovable channel for Google TV lovers. Now, it become better. It becomes fast. Getting high quality HD videos becomes more easier.

Note: The updated devices will come in market early next week in Sony devices and after that it will start rolling out in Logitech devices. So if you are planning to buy Google TV then wait of a week is better.

[via Google TV].

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