Google Unifies Google Drive, Gmail and Google + Photos Storage: Every user gets 15 GB Free

Google Drive is one of the most popular Cloud Storage service out there. However, so far only 5 GB was available to users for free and you had to pay for more storage space. There was also 10 GB of space available to anyone who signed up for Gmail. But now Google has decided to unify both the services and is offering the users a cool and handsome 15 GB across it’s Google services, meaning you can store a lot more data in your Drive for free. This 15 GB also combines the space on Google+ for images, so in case you are a power G+ user and upload loads of images there, you have loads of space available.

Google Drive

So realistically speaking, if you are a light Gmail user, you will no more have to cringe the 8 to 9 GB of space that you are using as that space can be used to make important backups using Google Drive or even taken up to upload images on Google+. However, with every good news, there is a little bad news and this time it is that the cheapest upgrade from this 15 GB space is directly to 100 GB which will set you back by about $4.99, a month. That means the 25 GB plan for $2.99 per month is already gone.

Although even $4.99 per month is half the price what Dropbox demands, it was always cool to have another option for those who may not require 100 GB of space. Google did confirm though that existing users on the 25 GB per month plan will be allowed to continue on it unless they make a change or cancel the subscription. The new changes will start rolling out over the next few weeks as stated by Google themselves.

Via: The Verge

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