Google Updates the Google Search App with Material Design

First it was Hangouts, then Gmail, followed by the Calendar app and next in line is the Google Search application to get the new Material Design update for those who are on Android. As expected, the latest update will bring the goodness of material design including animations as well as strong contrast colors and solid gradients to the application, besides the known performance enhancements.

google-search-material design

The application also will enable, ‘Ok Google’ command from off screen on more devices including the nexus 6 as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The application has also brought the ability to search within third party applications such as Tumblr or even the likes of Facebook using your voice commands to Google Now. This is really helpful as it totally makes your phone operational using your voice. The new application will also automatically scan your E-Mails and will suggest you reminders and suggestions based on the email that you may have received and may require urgent attention.

Google has also integrated a Flip a Coin feature whereby the application will flip a coin if you ask for it to, so you can make the tough decisions of your life without being at all logical.

The update for the application is available for absolutely free if you have the application installed, if not you can find the same here

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