Google Will Deactivate Glass if anyone tries to sell the Explorer Edition

Google glass is the most talked about thing right now. just like iPhone changed the game all those years ago, it seems like Glass will mark the opening of a brand new market. The first batch of Google Glass was recently handed over to the people who have signed up. These first batches of Google Glass are called the Google Glass Explorer edition and comes with a nice set of goodies such as detachable pair of normal lenses with the Glass. Nobody is quiet sure yet if the real retail packaging will contain the same set of goodies or not.

google glass

However, if you think that people who have already got their hands on the first batch of Google Glass Explorer would sell them off at elevated rates and make money, then you are wrong. Google has said that it will deactivate the glass if someone tries to sell out the explorer version in an attempt to make quick money.

According to the Wired, the terms of sale are pretty strict and clearly states that the user may not sell, loan or lend the device to any other person without the approval prior from google. In case, this condition is violated, Google holds the right to deactivate the gadget. This would also void the warranty of the product and Google would be under no obligation to refund the money. Although, we aint exactly sure how Google would know if the product is being used by another person apart from the owner, but still this move is understandable as Glass Explorer is not a commercial product yet.

You can check out the unboxing of Google Glass here:

Via: The Verge

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