Google will Help You Pick the Perfect Android Phone for you

Just when you thought that there is nothing more that Google could do in order to make your life easier and simpler, they have gone ahead and answered a question that is sure going to make a major decision easy for a lot of you. While so far it was impossible to kind of pin point that exact one smartphone that suits your needs, unless you have a tech expert at hand ready to answer your queries. Google has released a tool that would help you pick up the perfect smartphone by simply inputting your requirements.

Android Phones

Suffice to say that the tool will never advice you to pick up any of the iPhones or even Windows devices, given it takes into consideration devices that are running Android out of the box.

To get started, you need to go to the Which Phone page right here. You need to click on Get Started which will then present you with a list of options in terms of which features are most important for you. You can pick up just one major feature here and we suggest you to be as thorough as you can be in picking it up so that the device perfectly suits your needs like a glove.

After the feature choice, you will be asked how often do you use the feature followed by few more questions around your use of that feature. After the primary feature, you are allowed to pick up two other secondary features. Since the tool is for US market as well, you get to pick up the carrier of choice too. Once you do all that the tool generates a list of devices that it suggests for you and you can further E-Mail this list to yourself or simply share it too.

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