Google’s Motorola Mobility Acquisition To Be Completed By Wednesday

A lot has been made out in regards to Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility. A lot of people have had their say but it does seem that the long drawn saga is ever close to a completion. The last set of fears were overcome when Google assured to China that it would keep the  Android Operating System open sourced for at least the next 5 Years. This definitely eliminated the fears of a Motorola monopoly when it comes to Google. Also the fact that the Nexus devices would not be solely manufactured by just one manufacturer but by a few others too has given an assurance that Google’s acquisition of Motorola would not end the game for other players.

The acquisition is going to cost Google a pricey $12.5 Billion but it may well be money well spent. Motorola did comment on the fact that the deal may be sooner rather than later finalized after it received a go ahead from all those concerned “As the transaction has now received all required regulatory approvals, the companies are moving to close the transaction within two business days”. The final leadership of the Motorola Mobility division still remains unclear but we are sure once the take over is completed we would have a final word on that too.

There maybe possibility of a few layoffs too, but in fact all of the things remain totally up in the air unless everything is sorted and a final formal word is delivered, which should not be far off now.

Via: Technobuffalo

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