Google’s Photo Sphere App is now Available on iOS

Google Camera has a nice interesting feature called the photo alongside several others like the ones to produce a fake blur in the background of your subject. These photo spheres, which are basically the 360 degree view of a scenery can be shared on Google maps to help those who are looking for directions as well as across Social Media to give a greater perspective of the scene to your friends, have become as popular as the Panorama effect.

Photosphere camera

Since iPhone’s default camera application does not have the feature by default, Google has seized the opportunity and made the photo sphere feature available as a standalone application for iOS. The app is available for absolutely free and allows you to create photospheres and share them on Google Map as well as directly publish on your Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

The procedure to use the feature is exactly the same as that on Android that you have a marker or an indicator based on which you have to hold your device and shoot the scene in a 360 degree view. The app minimum requires you to be using an iPhone 4s as well as running iOS 7 and above.

Download link for Photo Sphere on iTunes App Store here.

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