Graffiti Me: A Unique Image Editing Application For iPhone

iPhone since its launch 5 years ago is known for its simplicity. The sole purpose behind the design when iPhone came around was that people would be able to use it without any kind of instruction manual or get started guide. It was to be that simple. And with the same concept came a few applications too on the iPhone which do what they say they do, extremely simple to  use and produce some stunning results. One such application we saw was Instagram and it became extremely popular. I recently used another application that is just as simple to use and produces just as good results. The application is called Graffiti Me.

Graffiti Me is developed by BlueBear Technologies and just like a lot of applications out there is an Image Editing app. However, this is an application with a difference. It is not like most of the run out of mill applications. It allows you to convert your images into beautiful graffiti’s. For all those who have wondered about some of those wall painting in various movies and seeing the  face of Che Guevara and wondered if you can have a similar picture of yours then this is the perfect application to generate it for you.

As you enter the application, you can either choose and image already existing in your camera roll or take a new one and can place it as you wish on the bricked wall. Once you click on Finished Placing, you can then edit the image. You have about 15 effects to then choose from including flags of some countries such as Germany and US etc. Below is exactly what I am talking about. You can also the intensity of the effects from the slider bar which increases or decreases the element in the picture.

After you are done with it you can also throw along strokes of various colours in the application which makes it look a little bit more funky. you can choose from about another 14 standard colours in the applications and make random strokes. Again, there is an option to increase or decrease the brush size and if you feel you have made a mistake you can erase it too.

You can after this also emboss your own text on the image, like for example i chose to edit and add in my name. You can choose your own font and also from a choice of six colours pick out which one suits your image the best. Here i used the green colour just because it would look good. you can place the text anywhere on the image, zoom on it and also rotate it using two fingers. It is all extremely easy and you can at anytime remove or undo your previous step. After this you can also share the image on various social networking sites such as twitter. In short, it is a good way to make your images even funkier and gives a little something different from the dose of Instagram.

I hope you found this application useful. It is free for this weekend, so hurry up and grasp your copies before it is too late. Any comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Download link: iTunes

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