Graph Words is A Visual Thesaurus

Graph Words is an online tool that is a thesaurus which displays words in a visual graphical pattern for easy understanding for users. Graph Words is a simple tool that makes a pictorial representation of the thesaurus of the word that you are looking for.02


Graph Words  is a website that gives users the opportunity to understand words and their meanings from a visual perspective by displaying words having the same meaning as the word that you have entered in a tree like visual form which is fun to look. Since it has been proved that people understand better when looking at pictures than at plain words displayed in a list on screen, this tool can help users to get a stronger grasp on their vocabulary.

Graph Words is powered by WordNet, a large database for English, by the Princeton University. To get started, type in the word that you want the website to generate a thesaurus for and hit Draw. Within seconds, a graphical representation of the thesaurus for that word is generated on the website and you can then use any of those words to create your sentence.

Graph Words is easy to use and can be productive for kids to learn new words everyday.

Check out Graph Words.

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