Greenify Allows you to Hibernate Apps when not using Android Smart Phone

One of the biggest issues that seem to be plaguing Android at the moment is the fact that there are simply way too many background processes that take place. This has a detrimental effect on the battery life of the device, and thanks to a ton of wake-locks, most people are stuck with Android phones which barely last about half a regular working day. If you are also battery cautious then there are some general things you can do, such as reduce the screen brightness, turn off Data Connections when not in use or turn GPS and Auto Sync off. However, the more geeky ones, root their devices in search of that perfect third party Kernel or ROM.


However, if you are on a rooted device, then you must try the application called Greenify. Greenify is a very simple application, which obviously requires root privileges. It has a simple and neat UI where you can add applications to the list of apps to be greenified. This means that these particular apps would be sent to hibernation mode as soon as your device goes into sleep.


This prevents the background wakelocks on device and results in much improved battery. There is also a handy widget which comes with the app which you can add to your desktop and use it to simply hibernate all the background processes. It is a very handy application and one that actually works unlike several of those which are falsely advertised as battery savers.

The app is available to download for free in the Google Play Store here

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