Grockr Let’s You Search On iPhone Just Like Google Now

Google Now has revolutionized searching information on our smart phone. Even though Siri had been a break away success, Google has not only caught it, but also beaten Siri with their own Google Voice which integrates brilliantly with your Google Now making searching information so much easier and simpler. Yet owning an Apple device and using a Google product could be pretty odd to die hard Apple fans. This despite the fact Google Now works terrifically well even on Apple devices using Google search. The popularity of Google Now is such that there have been talks  of  even  integrating the service with Chrome on desktops.

Grockr is a wonderful alternate to it on iPhone. The application uses a method of tiles to display the information about you as you search for them and the company learns more and more about you. The information is staked up in the form of UI very similar to Google Now. The information on top is usually the traffic information on routes you travel the most followed by local tiles and weather tile that gives you weather information in your city. The application is extremely colorful and you can expand to add information too. The application does have a search built in too which displays results in the form of tiles or cards. Just like Google Now if enabled, the application can send you a notification in case the traffic situation is bad and not really conducive for travelling.


Even though the application is really good and useful, it did feel a little sluggish at times. It is the first  release so you can definitely expect more things to be added to it. Things like movie tickets or game scores could definitely be valuable addition to the application. More use of gestures too can be incorporated to make the application a lot more intuitive. The application uses information from your Facebook and Twitter as well as iTunes information to produce results. In few ways the application is a lot more powerful than Google Now and has a massive potential. It would be definitely interesting to see how far this application goes and what all new features are added to it.

So go ahead and download the application here for your iPhone .

Via: The Verge, Grockr

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