GrooveDown: A Simple Grooveshark Song Downloader

There are many software that help you to download music files from the internet for free. GrooveShark is a fantastic source of music where you can listen latest, old, classic and many other genre of songs within few clicks. It is a place that has huge collection of quality music tracks. Previously we told you about SciLor’s grooveshark™.com Downloader, and Grooveshark Shedder to download music from this amazing site very easily. Groovedown is another best tool to downloads files from Grooveshark.

To download the software, go to developers website. The download comes in a .rar file from which you have to extract the tool. The main window is a simple box from where you can search for your songs or view your download list. Once you find the right song to download, just right click on the file and add it to download list. Then from the download list you can start the download whenever you wish to. Grooveshark has a large database of songs available and is updated daily. So the chances that you may not find what you are looking for are quite less.


All settings related to the file can be changed before downloading like the name of the song, format, tags etc. This tool can also be accessed via the system tray so you can close or minimize the window whenever you wish.

This tool is extremely handy for users who are always hungry for music. So better download this now for free as you never know for how long it will be around.

Download Groovedown.

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