Grooveshark Shedder Lets You Download Gooveshark Music

Grooveshark is a amazing cloud service to listen songs online. You can make your playlist, upload music, play most popular songs, and select songs according to genre. Few days ago I wrote about  a third party too to download Grooveshark music. The tool was amazing as you can download the music in bulk. But sometimes it’s failed to download songs.

If you want to download your favorite song from Grooveshark then move over to a Firefox extension known as Grooveshark Shedder. It provides you a hassle free medium to download any song from the site. All you need to do is go to the extension site and add it to your Firefox browser. Restart the browser and get ready for the fun.


When you play any song in Firefox, it automatically pop up the download option in your browser. All you need to do is to select the location on your computer and hit the download button. It will start downloading the song. If you don’t want the download pop up then click on the extension icon present on a top right of your browser window. It’ll disable the extension.

Check out Groove Shredder Firefox extension.

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