Grovo Free Video Course Teaches You To Use Popular Sites

How many of you rely on e-books or help pages given on websites to understand the basics of any website? It is time consuming to read and understand the functionality of websites. For example I took too much time to understands the basics of Facebook page using tutorial given on Facebook.

Grovo is a free service that lets you understand all the basics of popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Docs, etc. The guys at Grovo made awesome video tutorials to teach the basics of websites in better way. You cannot find those tutorial on the official websites.


The site is free to use but it comes with an interesting business model. To play the videos, sign up is required. You’ll get five free videos to view after registration. There’s a stat counter which counts and displays your number of view. To increase the number of free views you have to invite your friends. For each additional invite, you’ll get five additional views and if the person signs up, you’ll get five more additional view.

There are lots of tutorials present on website. The whole tutorials are divided into seven parts: Small business jumpstart, social media, internet basics, shopping and ecommerce, Grovo local, entertainment, online finance. There are 23 sites and 320 lessons available on the site.


The courses are of high quality and easy to understand. The level of tutorial are basic and it would be great if it offers some more complex video tutorial to understand websites as well as tools. Who knows it might be the next Khan Academy.

Check out Grovo to get free video tutorial to understand the websites better.

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