GTA III For Android And iOS Drops To $.99 For Memorial Day Sale

Grand Theft Auto III is one of the wackiest games I have ever played on a hand held device. It packs great graphics and a very decent story line, a worthy successor and first release to the GTA series of games. However one issue we have always had with these high end games are the prices they come with. We all like our things cheap and in fact love it like a little girl when the prices fall or there is a sale going on.

GTA III is available today for just $.99 from $4.99 which is the normal price due to the memorial day sale. This offer would last only this weekend and is available for both Android as well as iOS devices. The sale would be there till the 28th of May. For anyone owing a high end smartphone or a tablet $.99 is an absolute steal. The game surely deserves it. So go out and spend little pocket change for this top game, its worth it.

You can grab the game here for Android devices and here for iOS devices.

Via: Technobuffalo

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