Gtalklet Lets You Chat While You Browse

Instant messaging has become one of the most integral ways of communicating these days. Since all of these are free, they are a fantastic back up to phone calls and probably one service of internet used most by people who just don’t want to be apart. However it is a rather painful experience continuously switching tabs while you are actually doing something important, like it’s a terrible idea that on one tab you are trying to read an important document while you are also having an important discussion with your friend about a forthcoming engagement and you end up going mad switching the tabs!


However, if your default browser is Google Chrome, we have a solution for you, and if your browser is not Google Chrome, you must download it, because it really is the best out there! So the solution I am talking about is called Gtalklet. It basically is an extension to Google Chrome that lets you to chat on your Gtalk while carrying on your normal surfing. Gtalklet brings the window of your chat as a pop up on your current screen preventing you the hassles of continuously switching the tabs. This way you can chat while you work.


The extension works like just another extension, in the way that you just download it and sign into it and let it work automatically. It’s really easy and has a very usable UI. You do not even have to add any contact as the extension does everything by itself. It is a highly recommended addition to your web browser and definitely makes your browsing experience a lot better.

Check out Gtalklet.

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