A Guide To Install Windows 7 on Macbook Air

Few days ago, Apple launched its one of the most anticipated product Macbook Air. It is the lightest netbook product ever made by Apple. Due to its great design and amazing features it is one of the most talk about product in the tech industry.

If you are one of the biggest Windows 7 fan and want to use this OS on newly purchased Macbook Air then here comes the good news for you. You can install Windows 7 on your device with the help of USB drive by using some some advance techniques.


Dong Ngo of Cnet.com wrote a detailed process to install Windows 7 on Macbook Air. You’ll need a preinstalled Windows 7 computer, a USB drive, Windows 7 DVD and obviously one Macbook Air to perform the whole process.

The process is not so easy and it requires the knowledge of cmd command prompt. But the step by step tutorial by Dong makes the process simpler.

Check out complete guide on installing Windows 7 on Macbook Air.

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