Hamster free Zip Archiver is a Free Alternative to 7Zip, WinRar and WinZip

There are many file compression utilities available in the internet that provide new and improved features but not all of them are available for free. Hamster file archiver is a free utility that is a substitute for all those other utilities that provide only trial versions. It is a easy to use and has a good looking interface.


Hamster comes in its own installation file and takes not more than 2 minutes to install depending on your internet connection. Once installed, you will find a very attractive and fresh interface for compressing your files and folders.

hamster main

In the main window you will see two boxes on each corner. One box is open and the other is closed. To select a file for compression, just go to the location and drag and drop the file to the opened box on the Hamster window or you can just click on the unopened box to select the location of the file you want to compress.

The app contains a wide number of options before compressing the file. You can select the level of compression, split the file into two and even add password protection to your files.

Another plus for this software is that it is faster than other file compression utilities as it uses all the available cores from your computer for compression to make the process faster and also to increase the quality of compression.

Download Hamster file Archiver

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