Hangouts for iOS Updated with support for iOS and new features

Hangouts has been the choice of IM for plenty of people. Personally, it has been just behind Whatsapp as the most used application when it comes to communicating and connecting to friends and relatives. Given the cross platform nature of the application as well as a UI that is neat, you can see why Hangouts has been successful. The application was recently updated for Android which allowed it to integrate SMS with chats on Hangouts. However, today Google also released a new version of the application which is the version 2.0 for iOS 7. This update brings plenty of cool features.


The first one being, that the application integrates well with the whole iOS 7 design language which is more minimalistic and flat. The application also brings to the table animated stickers which are like gifs. It may not be a big deal, but it is one of those features that apps like WeChat are sold upon. Also, there is an ability to send a quick 10 second video to your contacts, which is a very nice little neat feature.

Above all, the version of the application is a lot more stable in the version 2.0 and hangs and crashes out a lot less when compared to the previous version. You can get the app update for free in the App Store, or simply go to iTunes and install it for free here

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