Has Nexus 8 been Spotted into the Wild?

Now, either Google is doing all this very innocently without realizing what products are on the show when its promotions or they are on a crusade to push a line up of the greatest internet trolls ever. Yes, we had spotted the Nexus 5 during the promotions of Android 4.4 Kitkat where an employee was capturing the big KitKat mascot with his Nexus 5. And looks like, now the Nexus 8, a new tablet has been spotted out in the promotions of KitKat on the new Android site.

Nexus 8- speculation

The picture of the tablet appears in the Apps and Entertainment section of the site here. The tablet so far has not been seen at all, and looks to have taken a lot of design cues from the iPad Mini with rounded edges and slightly bigger form factor as compared to the Nexus 7. Maybe, this is the beginning of the leaks of the Nexus 8 which would be the alternate offering from Google in the tablets category.

For those who remember, Google had a Nexus 10 last year and this year so far, there are no sugggestions that Google will be persisting with the same line of thought and given the market is diminishing for large tablets the second offering maybe an 8 inch device. There is no clue about the manufacturer of the Nexus 8 but a good guess would be it would be one of Samsung or Asus.

Would you be interesting in picking an 8 inch Nexus device? Let us know.

Via: ArsTechnika

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