Has the Budget iPhone Been Leaked?

Rumours have been adrift that a budget iPhone is coming. Everybody knows that one of the reasons that Samsung has been dominating the mobile industry as the biggest player is the fact that they have had a device for just about everyone, at every price range. Apple has always been a premium company and you can understand the high price of the iPhones.

Budget iPhone

However, it does look like Apple wants to increase it’s market capture and is set to roll out a budget iPhone as early as the WWDC on June 10th. The leak, if proved right, shows the device takes design cues from the iPhone 3G with a curved plastic back. The leaked image is not the finished model, so it makes sense if the device does not have the branding. The device has two distinct materials used in construction if it is indeed the real deal, a glossy back and a more rubberised sides.

iPhone Budget_2

Most of these leaks end up being fake, so we are not putting hopes high. However, it is clear from the image that the device will come with a Lightening connector if or when it does come keeping in line with the latest device from Apple. Only June 10th will answer if another iPhone will be launched especially for those who are looking at a budget iPhone. Dare we say, though, if that is indeed an official leak, the design looks top notch. We reiterate our readers to take this news with a pinch of salt though, cause there is no sure shot way of knowing ever what Apple is up to.

Via: Apple Insider


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