Has the Nokia EOS Device with 41 MP Camera running Windows Phone 8 been Leaked?

Nokia Pure View 808 is one of the  most unique devices out there. It is bar far and away the best device to capture images thanks to the giant 41 MP Sensor. However, one of the major drawbacks of the 808 was that it ran on the outdated Belle OS. The device was pretty much a glorified camera that could make a call or send messages and nothing more. However, it has since widely been reported that Nokia has been working on a Lumia device that would pack the same Camera module as that of the 808 Pureview.

Lumia 41 MP Device

However, for the first time the specs as well as the images of the Lumia device packing the 41 MP device have surfaced. The device will pack a Xenon Flash and LED for usability in low light conditions. The device will run Windows Phone 8 and will require a jacket cover for Wireless Charging to be enabled. The construction material will remain polycarbonate just like other Lumia devices. It is also rumoured that the device will also have a variable aperture.

Lumia WP_41 MP Device

The design of the device will be very similar to the Lumia 920 design if these leaks are to go by. It is expected the phone will be powered by the same dual core processor as the Lumia 920 and pack 1 GB of RAM. The phone will first be an exclusive to AT&T when it releases.

Via: My Nokia Blog

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