Has the Nokia Smartwatch been leaked?

The next big shift in the consumer tech world seems to be towards wearable gadgets. We had the likes of Fit Bits or Nike Fuel Bands which measure critical body functionality and then Google has the highly anticipated Google Glass coming soon to general public. But apart from these two, the one device that seems to be generating a lot of interest is a smartwatch.

nokia-watch-1 Nobody really knows what they want from a smartwatch. Some say they want just an extension of notifications on their watches, the other simply want a watch that does the basic things like play a bit of radio and maybe read notifications of their social accounts. However, one thing is for sure that not everyone is overly blown away by the very first smart watch which is the Gear done by Samsung. And there have been suggestions that Samsung would be looking to better the design and release a newer version of Gear as early as January next year.


However, looks like Nokia are all set to show off how they plan to do a smartwatch as the first leak of the Nokia powered watch has surfaced. A Chinese blog, CTech which in the past has leaked out pre-release hardware has shown off images of what could be the main body of the smartwatch made by Nokia. Although there is a Nokia branding on the front, not much else has been revealed. Although the holes on the watch where the straps go look unsymmetrical, which raises the doubt about the authenticity of the leak. The device looks to be made of same polycarbonate material as the other Lumia devices.

There is no information what the Nokia smartwatch would run, or if frankly it even exists. However, if it does come in the market, you can bet on the fact it would create huge waves.

Via: AppleInsider || CTech

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