Have You Checked Out The New Gmail Interface?

Gmail has released a new look interface for their website and you can now apply these new settings by clicking on the option at the bottom of your mail webpage. This new look gives a more spacious feel to your website interface and users can now configure the interface to suit their liking.

gmailgmail settings

The new look for Gmail is exciting and gives a more open feel to your mail experience. You can vary the density of the items displayed on the webpage between 3 options, comfortable(leaves the most space between items), Cozy(items are a little bit closer to each other) and Compact( items are closely packed so you don’t have to move the mouse too much to navigate between items). There are a limited number of themes available on the website which support the new look but Google will surely add more as time progresses.  You can revert back to the old look if you don’t like the new look.

gmail themes

The boxes where you click to delete your mail or to forward mail have been replaced with symbols which are easy to understand and look more in tune with the theme and interface.

gmail symbols

The interface might take some time to get used to for some but then, it is the way forward for Gmail users.

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