Here are the First Pictures of the Xiaomi Mi5

Often being called the Apple of China, Xiaomi have been making a lot of noise in the mobile market with their refreshing take on the segment. Making sure, top spec’d devices are available at a very pocket-friendly prices, has seen Xiaomi quickly jump up to becoming one of the most popular brands in the Asian market, at the very least. Their last two flagship devices, the Mi3 and the Mi4 were received well in the market, and in fact, the Mi4 was one of the very first Android phones to bring a Quad HD display on board.


Looking forwards, seems like the next flagship device, called the Xiaomi Mi5 is not far away. The first set of shots of the phone was leaked out on Twitter, from what looks to be the product or assembly line. It is thought that the device will be the successor to the Mi4, but there could well be a chance that it is just another of the prototype devices, that a lot of manufacturers build while developing a new concept.

From the outside, the device seems to have really thin bezels on the sides with a display that is somewhere in the region of about 5 inches with a curved form factor. The phone’s internal specifications are not known, but second guessing Xiaomi on this may not be the toughest as you would expect all the top end specs from the flagship device. Their current flagship, Xiaomi Mi4 is expected in the market in December this year, as quoted by BGR India here.

Source: BGR India

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