Here is How To Follow Google I/O 2013 Live

Google I/O begins on May 15th till May 17th in San Francisco. It is the yearly conference held by Google to show off its new projects and release information to it’s developers about the upcoming products. There are lots of rumors already what all could be on show at Google I/O this year. From an upgraded Nexus 4 with LTE on board to a refreshed line of Nexus 7 and a brand new OS, either the Android version 4.3 or version 5, the rumors have been endless.

Google IO 2013

However, it is not possible for all of us to be present in San Francisco to  follow the event from close proximity  However, unlike previously, entire Google I/O 2013 would be streamed live on Google Developers website here. There is also entire schedule available on the page of the conference so you can mold your schedule according to the Google I/O events.

There is also an Official Google I/O  official Android Application that can be downloaded from here free of cost. You can get all the happenings, schedules and events in the application and is a great way of keep tabs on the events happening in Google I/O. Most of the renowned tech blogs such as The Verge and CNET would be covering I/O live. We could also see a brand new Google Maps app at Google I/O and perhaps even a surprise or two like Google always has up it’s sleeve.

We will bring you all the news from Google I/O here on Blogtechnika and are extremely excited about it. Do leave your comments below about what your expectations are from Google I/O.

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