Here Is The Video Demo Of Asus Padfone

Asus Padfone is one of the most anticipated devices these days. We have been quite literally dying to see the device for real but there seem to be no news about it since we first saw it in CES. However, there is a video demo online available just to tease us a little bit more. For those who are unaware of this device, well the padfone is one of its kinds.

It packs three devices into one, a 4.3 inch ultra thin smartphone which can be put inside a tablet of 10.1 inches. The phone runs the proper Android of Ice Cream Sandwich version There is a provision of attaching another keyboard to the device. So in reality it can be a mix of three devices. The good news is that all these three devices work on just one data connection. Also that there is a provision of increasing the battery life while all three devices are connected.

For everything you want to know about the padfone you can visit the Asus website here.

And at last, here is the video to totally blow your mind with this amazing concept:


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