Here Maps for iPhone are Here

Here Maps, once a part of the giant Nokia family have finally been released for the iPhone. The Here Maps have generally been well liked and quoted to be solid alternative to the famed Google Maps. In fact, most would tell you that in places like South Eastern Asia, Here maps are much more accurate and foolproof even when compared to Google maps. So far, only those who were on Android could use Here Mmaps, while those on iOS had to be content with an HTML5 version in the form of an app.

Here Maps

However, now, a fully functional app has been built from ground up for the iPhone which would allow users to enjoy Here Maps on iPhone. The app has the standard features such as walking, transit as well as transportation directions. You can also use the application offline, so in case there is no internet connectivity the app will work as long as the requisite data has been downloaded on your phone. You also get real-time traffic information and incident updates in about 40 countries using Here maps.

Route Planner is another interesting feature that lets you plan when to take the public transport or when to walk down by comparing the journey times.

You can download Here Maps for iPhone from the App store for absolutely free here.

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