Here’s How to Disable the new Tabbed Page when opening new tabs in Chrome

Chrome recently completed rolling out a new feature where if you opened a new tab in the browser you see a tabbed set of websites that you have used most often. This can be of a mild annoyance for two reasons. The first being that obviously the whole privacy issue where if someone is with you on your computer can peek through the sites you go to most often and the other being that most of us were very used to the whole experience where we could click on our Chrome apps the moment we click new tab.

However, as there is no option in Chrome settings to go back, here is a quick way how you can restore to the old setting and no more have to put up with the new tabbed Chrome page.

Chrome Tabbed browsing

Step 1: Open a New Tab on Chrome.

Step 2: Type this address in the address bar: chrome://flags/#enable-instant-extended-api and click on Enter.

Step 3: This would open the Flags page in Chrome, search for the setting name: ‘Instant Extended API’ and simply turn the setting off by clicking on Disable.

Step 4: Relaunch Chrome and if you have followed the steps correctly when you open a new tab, you will see the old setup back.


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