Hidden features of iOS 5 Which You Might Not Heard About

iOS 5 is out and there’s lot more to it than Siri, icloud, imessage and notification centre. Apple says there are more than 200 new features in the new iOS 5 and today we’ll take a look into some very cool features of ios which haven’t been  discussed earlier.

  1. You can now delete individual items in call history by tapping on recents and swiping the entry left for delete to pop up.
  2. ios 5 also lets you to create your own shorthand for commonly used sentences. You can do this via text settings.
  3. You can now watch hourly forecast of weather by launching the weather app.
  4. Calendar app has also been tweaked a little bit such that when you open it in landscape mode you see a graphical color coded week of your appointments.
  5. With the help of custom vibration feature you can assign a custom vibration to a contact. Firstly you have to enable this is accessibility page in Settings>General, >Hearing. Then go to sound>vibration>create new vibration to create your own custom vibration.

Some other additions to ios 5 include swiping right to open recently taken pictures in camera app, setting custom tones for messages, notifications and alerts, dedicated ringtone store,  user settings for auto correction and spell check, built in emoji keyboard and opening the camera app by double tapping the home screen.
You can also sync your ios device with your PC or Mac over Wi-fi. The list of features is endless and Apple has really come up with some handy updates.
Have you updated to ios 5? Which feature you loved the most?

[via Technobuffalo].

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