Hide Important Files Inside jpeg Files With File Camouflage

Most users have important data that they would like to keep private and not let others know about it. Especially, when they have to transfer that data from one system to another, hiding the files from others can be quite a tricky affair. Free File Camouflage is a tool that hides the file into a jpeg file of your choosing. Later on you can extract the file from the image using the app. This is a neat way to hide files from others.

file camouflage

File Camouflage is a portable app. So you can carry it with you wherever you go and camouflage your files whenever you want. The app comes in a zip file. Extract the file on to your computer and run the exe file. Here’s how the app works:

1. When you open the app, locate the directory of the file that you wish to hide as well as the image into which you want to hide the file. Once you have done this, click on Camouflage.

2. Within a few seconds, an image that you had chosen will be created in the folder where your file is but inside the image file will be the data that will remain hidden.

3. The original file will remain where it is. But you can take the camouflaged image file anywhere without worrying about other people finding out what is actually inside it.


4. To retrieve the original file from the image file, simply go to the De-camouflage tab on the app. There locate the directory of the image in which your data is hidden and the location where you want to save the file and click De-camouflage. Within seconds, the app will extract the file from your image and you can then use it.

The best thing about this app is that the size of the image file will remain the same as it was before you added the hidden file in it. So you can hide your files into this app and it will occupy lesser space on your hard drive.

Download File Camouflage.

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