Hide Status bar icons on your Android Phone using Hide Status Bar Xposed Mod

Given that there is only a finite amount of space available on the status bar of Android phones, a couple of notifications and the whole bar tends to look a little messy, giving it a shabby appearance. Add to it, most devices today have multiple connectivity in there too, so if you have the battery percentage with the battery icon and time on the bar with say NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled with say power Saver, you barely have space for notifications. And in this case, even one notification will make the whole bar look extremely stuffy and congested.


If you are on a rooted smartphone and have Xposed Module installed on your Android smartphone then Hide Status Bar Mod is what you must install to help you get over the clutter of your device. The mod allows you to disable the signal clutter, clock, battery as well as notification icons from the applications from appearing on the bar. Instead of that a single xposed module icon will show up.

However, this does not mean the notifications will not show up. Every time you expand the notification bar you will see the notifications that have been received by the applications on your Android device there and you can interact with them by responding right from the status bar or dismissing them without any issue. The mod is available to download from the Xposed repo or from the XDA Developer thread here

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