Hide Your Online Status On Facebook Chat From Selected Friends And Contacts

If you are connected with too many people on Facebook and need to hide your online status on Facebook Chat from certain contacts, here’s some help. Facebook has integrated friends list with Chat and you can also choose which of these list members get to see you online. Earlier you had to completely turn in order to hide your online status from other contacts.

So you can stay visible to your family members and close friends while the rest of your Facebook friends won’t know if you are logged into Facebook.

The Facebook chat window has easy sliders so you can easily toggle your online status for any friends list in a click.

Adding a new contact or a friend on facebook will show on your timeline but then there is another option to categorize that friend and add him/her to another list. Now the best part of facebook friend lists is that it can help you add friends to these lists and then according to your will you can show them your online visibility and status. If you are online and don’t want your family members to ping you unnecessarily then just apply the offline mode and you’re done. This definitely isn’t a difficult task but it just helps your facebook account remain neat and clean and to top it all it is organised. For those who are disorganised can make use of this and help themselves.

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