High Frequency Blogging with Short Post Or Low Frequency Blogging With Long Post

Articles are a backbone of any blog. Traffic of any blog depends upon articles you are writing. There are different perception of writing articles among bloggers. Some bloggers write too much articles daily and there articles consist of 200-250 words. Some bloggers like to write one or two articles daily but their post length is generally very high, i.e. about 600 to 100 words.


My Strategy of Writing Articles

I generally like to write one or two articles daily. My most of the articles are list post because people love to read that post. List articles are also very  helpful in terms of visibility. I generally notice that when I write list post then my blog get more number of visitors in comparison to writing a short article.

Writing More Articles

There are many blogs which are writing more than 4 articles daily but they write short post which contains not more than 250 words. This is a cool strategy for a blogger to rank their blog high in search engines. Search engines love those blogs which are updated frequently.


SEO understanding

It is very difficult to understand search engine algorithm. No body knows what the search engines like very much: more number of articles with less words or less number of articles with more words. But, figures tells very clearly that blogs which updated at a good frequency get more visitors in comparison to blogs which updated at very less frequency.

Do we start writing small post

If blog having less frequency doesn’t get benefit with search engine then it will great to write short and more number of articles on any blog. But there is one other factor which comes here and this factor is know as Social Media. Figures tell that Social media loves long and descriptive articles. On Twitter an article 100 great plugins for WordPress is far greater than All in one SEO plugin for SEO .

Disadvantages of short post

Short post are generally don’t  get too much exposure in Social Media. Short post generally don’t tell all the facts about the topic. It is generally a descriptive part of the topic itself. Also too much post reduce the discussion on your blog as newer post get down position too frequently.  But there are few techniques through which we can write powerful short post.

Advantages Of High Post frequency

One of the greatest advantage of high post frequency is it brings lots of organic visitors on your blog. High post frequency always a big risk for losing feed subscriber as they get annoyed by too much articles in a short span of time but the biggest advantage of high post frequency is that your blog ranks higher in different search engines as well as your Alexa rank and Technorati rank improves too fast.


The overall conclusion is Low frequency blogs have less organic traffic than high frequency blogs. But also short post get less Social media exposure than long and listed post. So it is better to write long and listed post if post frequency of your blog is less. Otherwise if your blog has a high frequency blog try to give all the necessary information in a single short post.

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10 Responses

  1. usually i prefer to post articles which are not so lengthy, My average words in posts will be 300-500..

    There is an error in the first paragraph you have written as “600 to 100 words.” instead of “600 to 1000 words.”
    .-= Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats´s last blog ..How To Solve Missed Schedule Error In WordPress 2.9 =-.

  2. I am not sure there is any one formula. I think the answer is do both. Frequent posting is important. But if you post garbage frequently, your visitors are not going to be repeat visitors. Write well, write often.
    .-= Paramendra Bhagat´s last blog ..Technorati 100 =-.

  3. I personally think that Low Frequency Blogging With Long Post is going to be the future of blogging specially after Google Panda Update.

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