Highlights From Apple Keynote

Yes, the Apple keynote is over and despite lots and lots of speculations, I just may say that it was not the most impressive Apple event, and yes, this time it definitely did not change everything! So what were the highlights of the keynote? Well, we have all the highlights for you in the bull points, just in case you missed it!


1) The keynote began with plenty of numbers like usual being spoken about; the most fascinating was that iPhone now is 23% of all the phones out there. Plus there were some great stats about the amount paid to developers and the number of applications downloaded from the Apple store.

2) Cards application announced, which would be available for download on October 12th, lets you design and send your own card.

3) The date for official rolling out of IOS 5 was announced to be October 12th, the iOS contains all the goodness like the revamped notifications, iMessage, iCloud, better reminder services and twitter integration. It really is an amazing addition.

4) The OTA updates were introduced and from now on you can download the updates wirelessly!

5) New iPod shuffles were announced with volume buttons attached and a new multi-touch display.

6) iPod touch would now ship in white color and incorporate the new iOS 5.

7) The highlight of the event was without a doubt the launch of next iPhone, the iPhone 4S, which is the upper variant of the existing iPhone 4. There were no design changes made and the phone looks exactly the same. However, internally there are a lot of goodies added; here are some of the most striking features of the new Phone!

8) A5 Dual Core processor, making the phone even faster.

9) 8 Mega-Pixel camera sensor added with the added illumination and 1080p Video recording capability.

10) Siri incorporated, which basically is a voice assistant, you really have to see this in action, absolutely fantastic as it has the ability to do most of the tasks on the phone just as you speak it! Definitely the highlight of the new iPhone 4s.

11) Dictation added which basically lets you dictate text, it’s basically speech to text.

12) Better antennae switching now means that the phone would enable even higher data transfer rate.

13) The phone would be available in both CDMA and GSM variants and even Sprint would get the phone.

14) The prices would remain the same.

15) The phones would be available from October 14th onwards and by the turn of the year in every major country.

All and all, I must say that Apple has just boosted the existing features and added some of the features we pretty much expected them to. Does this mean that the all new iPhone is around the corner? Sometime in June may be? Let the speculations begin, but for now, if you missed the keynote, here is the official link to watch it.

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