Hike is a Best WhatsApp Alternative

Social connection has become so mandatory for every one of us nowadays that there went a panic streak within people just when WhatsApp announced its paid service. “Now what?”, was there question which troubled everyone. Too many options were checked and much competition was seen. ChatOn, WeChat and many other free messaging services were tried by many people. Just within this league, there came a new competitor from New Delhi, India, and in this inflation it is called Hike. Hike is a free messaging app which shows all signs of overcoming the WhatsApp-addict market.


Hike is a very simple application, and at the same time pretty unique too. It lets you send free unlimited Hike to Hike messages and it also allows its users to send SMS to other users from within the application. This SMS service is limited to 100 SMS per month. If you find it insufficient, you can invite you friends and get rewards in the form of SMSs and Talk-time. Hike has a support for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and even Symbian. To start using Hike, all you need to do is install the application from the respective app stores. We will check the Hike for Android here. Follow the steps below and you are good to go:

1. Install Hike from the Google Play Store.

2. The first page will ask you to Accept the Terms and Conditions. Tap the button.

3. On the Second page enter your Phone Number.

4. Finally the last page where you enter your Name. That’s it.

Hike is ready for you and now you can simply start messaging your Hike fellows and sending SMSs to your friends who are not on hike. You receive a talk-time of Rs. 10 and 100 SMS once you join Hike. You can invite people on Hike to get rewards as mentioned before. Whenever a friend joins Hike through you, you get Rs. 20 and additional 50 messages to send SMS to your friends. One of the best features of Hike is that, it doesn’t have the “last seen” feature which has become a Privacy trouble for people on WhatsApp. Also, you won’t miss your lovely emojis from WhatsApp as it also has them in addition to its original cool set of smileys.

All in all Hike is a nice option for messaging addicts over WhatsApp if they do not wish to pay for its services. Download Hike and let us know your views and opinions on this new messaging service.

Check out Hike on Play Store.

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