Hook Worlds: Endless Running Game For Your iPhone

If you’re looking for a new endless runner to get your adrenaline pumping, Hook World  is a true contender. It’s a smooth pick up and play experience is great.

Try to survive in four different worlds with your trusty grappling hook, as four different characters with unique special abilities! Every game world has its own all-new setting, every character has its own gameplay style. Every world is also randomized, varied, and endless, for incredible replay value.Swing your way through the Cursed Jungle as Gramps, as you try to escape the Ancient Watcher. Shoot your way through a haunted cove as Zelle, in your pursuit of bounties and treasure. Escape a grim future dystopia as CyberGnome 202X, using your gravity flips to evade the Gnome Cops.

Each of the game’s levels are entirely unique and different. There’s the jungle level, where you play as an ageing adventurer, zipping your way through ,stealing treasure from a raging god. You  use a grappling hook and rocket boots to escape his wrath. Then there’s the pirate level, where you play as a bounty hunter, killing pirate ghosts with a six-shooter and swinging across the realm.

Although all of the levels feature a grappling hook, the side abilities of each character make the play experiences very different. The pirate level, for example, requires more tactical play, as you have to time your ammo reloads between monsters. The jungle level, on the other hand, is  entirely about reflexes and how well you concentrate. You swing from branch to branch, dodging the increasingly treacherous demon. Just as you find yourself getting bored with one level, you’re likely to jump to the next one, looping around until you realize an hour or two has passed.

Rewards can be unlocked and wear to customize your characters, visible on the scoreboards. Medal awards and achievements for reaching high score milestones. Blowing up haunted crabs and getting obliterated by a gigantic eye.


There are just two buttons. The right button controls your grappling hook, letting go detaches your hook. The left button controls the unique special ability in each game world. These simple controls will let you nimbly swing, dive, climb, run, slide, and shoot, rocketjump, or flip gravity!


Hook Worlds stays true to the look. The feel of the Hook game gives the players a sort of retro look that reminds you of the good old Super Mario days. In Hook worlds, Rocket cat Games out did them selves by bringing the lovable graphics that we all know and love. New worlds have their own looks and new moves are fun and smooth.

Finally Hook Worlds is no one-button time waster. It’s just as smart and sophisticated as its big brothers, retaining everything that made its predecessors so simple yet amazing.The rhythmic momentum, the fitting controls, and merry tune are just top notch. You can grab the game here. Enjoy!

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