How an iPhone Saved a Soldier’s Life

Normally you would associate a phone with the ability to send love doped messages, make calls, be an entertainment hub or even be an amazing time pass thanks to multitude of games available. However, a recent story broke out where an iPhone was like a shield and instead of being a life enhancement device was a true life support. The iPhone 5 of an American soldier, Shaun Frank, took full brunt of a shrapnel during an explosion which according to paramedics saved his life as he only escaped with minor wounds.


The iPhone has been revered for it’s design and amazing build quality in the past, and this is just another instance where the device has stood its mettle well. Frank went ahead to replace his device for a new iPhone despite initially wanting to keep hold of the phone as a memento. You can check out a detailed video on the heroic incident right here:

Via: KSL

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