How and When to Watch the Apple Keynote Tonight

It’s 16th of October, which means it is the day of yet another Apple Press Event. The event is expected to be the launching pad for the next generation of iPad Air and iPad Mini. While Apple did let slip yesterday the exact specifications of the new iPad and the iPad Mini, there was nothing in the graphic out of the ordinary or stuff that we did not expect. The tablet does have the new Touch ID, as well as bumped up specifications and performance enhancements, and will come with iOS 8 out of the box. However, there is something in us that tells that this is not all and Apple has a surprise up its sleeve. It could be new Macbooks, maybe iPods, who knows, but the line, ‘Its been too long’ definitely has a cryptic feel to it.


Just like, most of its events, Apple will be broadcasting the keynote live and we hope they do a better job than what they did of last time. If you are in India, the keynote will go live from 10 PM or 10 AM in the Pacific Time zone. If you are using a Mac, you can use Safari to stream the event live from this page. You can visit the page right away and add it to your calendar.

You can also stream the event to your iPad or iPhone from the same URL within Safari. However, for those who are not on Macs, there will eventually be a VLC stream URL, just a few minutes before the event goes live.

What do you think will Apple launch today? Do let us know in the section below.

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