How Apple-Samsung War is Good For Microsoft

The Apple-Samsung judgment has been in the top hits since the time it happened. There have been many discrepancies and discussions over the profit and loss matter in various ways between various names. The one who can be considered to be in major profit with this judgment is Microsoft’s Windows Phone Market. Considering Microsoft’s patent cross-license with Apple we won’t see any such troubles between both of these leaders. Microsoft has been more of a spectator in this whole scenario. But looking at Apple’s win of $1.05 billion over Samsung, Microsoft is definitely at a better position to become a viable alternative to Apple and replace Samsung.

This can simply be an opportunity which Microsoft still has to make the most out of. Microsoft is neither controversial not as expensive as Android since Android will soon start up with the license fee and no more be a free OS. This might become one reason for smartphone brands like HTC, Sony, LG and ZTE to look up to Windows Phone rather than Android. Apple is postulating a ban on almost eight of Samsung Galaxy models. If this injunction is granted, then Windows Phone devices will definitely see in rise in selling figures. Another factor is the Windows app development. The number has increased a lot in a span of just 20 months and seems to be promising. They are not crossing the Apple limit of 700,000 but have at least hit 100,000 figure altogether. The Market place is flooding with variant apps and is still seen to be growing. There have also been few complaints regarding the Android app market by Android developers but they don’t seem to be vocal about their plaints.

Microsoft has to take huge leaps with the development of the OS of its Windows Phone but it seems they will definitely plunge in the flow with Blackberry delays and Android falls with Samsung-Apple drama. Microsoft does not have Apple’s eyes on its back. It can freely move with its unique user interface and ‘live-tiles’ design. There won’t be any clashes between these two. Plus the patents offer protection with Microsoft. Although we cannot expect the crowd to shift its focus on the developing Windows Phones, Windows Phone 8 looks like the strong base to keep Microsoft on safe lands. And just like the Marketing director of Microsoft, Bill Cox tweeted after the verdict, “Windows Phone is looking so gooooood right now.”

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