How Dependent Have We Become On Our Smart Phones?

There was an old saying about a Mac, that once you Mac, you will never go back. This saying seems more and more true for smart phones these days. Every second person seems to be owning one and to a large extent life seems very incomplete without one. The best way to gauge how much you adore your smart phones is to go without them one full day. In fact I did this test on myself the other day when I swapped my smart phone for feature phone and boy, was life not tough. I missed reading the latest news on the go, having instant weather updates, maps on my finger tips and most of all having a million apps that made life so much easier. It indeed was a tough experience and I found myself constantly asking how did people survive with this candy bar device. It is indeed laughable because about 4 years ago, not many of us even knew what a smart phone was forget being impressed by it’s immense capabilities.

To clearly highlight how important a smart phone has become to our lives, I hand picked this video from Youtube. It basically shows out how dependent we are on our phones right from the first minute of the morning when we wake up to the point we sleep off. Definitely an interesting watch. Also, de let us know in the section below if you too are a smartphone addict and if you ever wonder how different and difficult life would be if not for a smart phone in your pocket.

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