How Dust Affects Your PC And Method To Clean it

Dust is a very tiny particle which is not visible to our eyes but it is present everywhere in small or large amount. Due to its negligible weight, it easily flow in the air. Since, dust particles are charged therefore they easily get attracted by other charge particles.

Effects of dust particles

If you are someone who works in a dusty environment then your computer is more prone to attract dust. When time passes, your computer is accumulated by huge amount of dust particles that causes over heating in your computer.


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Dust can easily find place in the ball bearing of fans of computer (use for sinking the heat) and it result in failure of fan. If fan stops working then the processor got overheated and it might result in hardware failure.

Accumulation of dust on memory chip could built the static charge and results in failure of motherboard or RAM.

How to clean the dust of PC

If you own a desktop PC then first turn off your computer. Remove all the power sources, bring your PC in an open area (if there is a heavy dust in your computer then don’t do anything inside the room. Now open the screws of CPU cabinet, start the vacuum cleaner (use blower function to blow the dust). Use it until all the dust will come out of your PC. Now clean it with a cotton cloth and close the cabinet.

If you are a laptop user then I never advice you to open your laptop. It’s risky. Go to the customer service and ask them to clean your laptop. They will charge some money from you but it is worth for the long life of your laptop.

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  1. Useful tip, I did do it sometime back for my desktop. I also got my HP laptop cleaned recently from the service center as there was a lots of dust in the heat sink fins and it used to heat badly, the laptop runs much cool and quiet after servicing !

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