How important is Youtube for Brand Recognition?

Visual is a very strong medium to help you grasp attention of your readers. This is one of the reasons why more and more brands are taking to Youtube to help them uncover the true potential and help with brand recognition. Ads, as irritating as they may be when you are trying to listen to your favorite song on Youtube or watch the trailer of your favorite flick are important aspects when defining the digital strategy of your brand.

Some of the numbers that have been touted from the platform that Youtube is, are absolutely downright impossible to believe and then digest. An average day on Youtube finds over 22,000 years of content being streamed which is simply stunning. Given that sort of audience you can obviously not afford to miss out on the Youtube bus for your brand.

Here are some more interesting facts and figures about what Youtube as a platform can do for your brand and why you must pay attention by close quarters to Youtube and come up with a unique strategy that envelopes pretty much everything that you are trying to do on your other channels such as Social Media as well as the offline marketing plan.

The Power of YouTube for Brands

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