How much investment is required to start a successful blog

Blogging requires hard work. Geeks work hard entire day and night to grow their blog,. The ultimate goal of any blogger is to earn respect, to spend some good time on internet to follow their dream and to bring productivity in terms of traffic and money. But starting any blog is not so easy task. It requires lots of investment. Here by investment I am not pointing out “Money” only. It could be in a form of time, hard work or money or your job where you are working currently.


quit job

Sounds weird, but yes, there are geeks who quit their day job for blogging. They are crazy persons, who love spending time in front of a 14 inch laptop screen. They don’t care of anything in life, they are nerds. They don’t quit job for money, but for passion and dream. Sounds crazy but it’s true.

Note: It is not necessary to quit job for blogging. There are many bloggers choose to travel on two boat at a time. Anyone can earn good amount of money from blogging but it requires hell lots of hard work.


Time is really a big investment for blogging. You need to research for topics and write a killer articles for readers and subscribers.  Bloggers generally work 5 to 10 hours a day.

Hard work


Without hard work blogging is possible but without hard work successful blogging is impossible. You need to burn your eyes in front of screen for several hours to become a successful blogger. There are many bloggers who spend more than 12 hours in front of computer screen.



The  most underestimated investment for blog. People think that blogging is free of cost as they either use Blogger or These two are free blog platforms in which you needn’t purchase hosting to host your domain. But for own domain name anyone can use as a blog platform which is also an open source project. Most of the useful plugins are free of cost. Only hosting and domain name investment is required. Hosting can vary from 1 to 100$ per month depends on the traffic of the website, an average running website costs about 100$/ year for hosting Domain name cost about 7$.

Other Investments

The main advantage of blogging is you don’t need any office. You can work from your home. You can also setup office if you want. If anyone wants to work without office setup then also few things are necessary:



A 14 inch laptop is necessary for blogging. Laptop is advised because bloggers usually attend different meet ups like Wordcamp, Blogger meet, Twitter meets.  For live blogging, laptop (or smart phone) is required. If anyone already have a desktop computer instead of laptop  then no need to worry as you can do as much affective blogging from your desktop as you can do with a laptop.


Although most of the blogging softwares like Windows Live writer,, Picasa, Tweetdeck,  Filezilla etc are free of cost but OS is not free. If anyone starting from the scratch then Windows Vista or upcoming Windows 7 is must for any computer.

Office or flat rent

It is optional that anyone chooses to work in a office or work from home. If anyone setup his own office in home then it would be better optimization process. One has to pay only rent of a flat which is playing a role of office too.

Office set up requirement


Office setup is very necessary for a nice working environment. One need to purchase table, chair having wheels on its base, desktop, an internet connection, shelf, air condition for proper office setup in a home.

Travel cost

Its either meet up with Matt Mullenweg in Wordcamp, meeting with Nokia designer Axel Meyer or meeting other geeks in Proto, one need to travel from one place to another and travelling requires money. Travelling include Air fares, train fare, local conveniences.

The overall  investment in blogging can not be predicted as it varies from 100$ to 1000$/month depends on the time, money and hard work we invest in our blog.

How much amount of money you invest in your blog? Feel free to share you views in a comment section.

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  1. Well I don’t think its really necessary to have an office space or a laptop when just starting out. I started out with a dial up connection and a desktop PC and the moment I started seeing the potential and positives, that’s the only time I started investing more.. When starting out I believe $50-100 is the only initial cost. Then work your way up..

  2. Himanshu, this is my first visit to your blog and I really liked the content you are posting here.

    You have composed this post thinking of all aspects and it is really worth praise. People often ignore the investments a blogger puts in his blog, they just think of the benefits they get !

  3. I don’t think the kind of geeks you are referring to, would just do with a 14″ laptop screen – but maybe rather purchase an external monitor, after all, even in Europe a 24″ screen is less than US$ 400. And even cheaper if you go down to 20″ or so.

    I hate blogging on my laptop because of the limited screen space, so I actually bought an external monitor.

    • You are absolutely right Klaus, there is no need of heavy investment in the starting phase of blogging career, when we learn all th aspects of blogging then only we need to go for offic kind of things, thanks for adding value through your comment. Welcome to Blogtechnika.

  4. IMO when you start a blog, even if you starting with free blogs the real cost is Time. Initial days of blogging need lots of time in form on writing, commenting and promoting your stuff….

  5. Nice, article i think better to work seriously in making money blogging. Right now i am learning. Already burned my eyes and every thing. Not going to give up.

  6. well, there are some more investments required like buying a good premium or custom theme, promotions etc. however most other things are nicely covered.

    so is blog technika hosted on a server or shared hosting?
    .-= Uttoran Sen´s last blog ..Free Google Wave Invitations Giveaways – Get yours now =-.

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