How Much Money Is Making Online is one of the biggest and most viewable blog of blogosphere. Owned by Micheal Arrington Techcrunch is one of the most popular weblog among tech enthusiasts. Techcrunch has Alexa rank of 393, total subscribers 3749000 and 17478 Facebook fans. These figures tells clearly the success story of a blog. These incomparable figures indicate huge income and that’s true. Techcrunch is making huge money from banner ads.


The cost of each advertising banner is too high. CPM (CPM stands for “cost per thousand) of Techcrunch is 10$. According to wikipedia, earning of Techcrunch is $200000 per month. In this way Techcrunch is making 2400000$ per year which is amazing figure.

These figure clearly indicates that Techcrunch is making huge money and one of the most profitable weblog of World.

According to wikipedia source “Editor Michael Arrington also has investments in numerous companies TechCrunch covers, including Seesmic, Twitter, Mahalo, gdgt, among others

Update: According to Incomediary, latest earning of Techcrunch is $400,000 per month. It means, it generates $4800000 per year and increasing. Amazing stats. Thanks to Vivek for the information.

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  1. Apart from this TC makes loads of money out of events like TC50 and crunchies. Events are the real cash cows of TechCrunch. Tickets of these events sell out like hot cakes in Silicon Val.
    Mike would have been a multi millionaire if CrunchPad would have worked out in right direction!

  2. That is huge but the company also invest lot of money to their stuff. They are all great writers.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Following Microsoft Virus Scanning Advice May Push You In Danger (Security Alert) =-.

  3. OMG ! $2400000 is a lot of money… I’m also one of the subscriber of techcrunch 🙂
    .-= sajib´s last blog ..Some very funny signs =-.

  4. Well, techcrunch is one of the leading resource of tech news. I often used to visit this site when i need any tech update..I mostly visit that site
    .-= Ankit @ All About India´s last blog ..How to send free SMS from PC to Mobile Phone =-.

  5. WowW!! Money Tree……. “Hardworking leads to money and success”, they really tried their best to increase their popularity. Many bloggers are working on that single blog but we bloggers are working independently, that is the reason why we are unable to earn a such amount of revenues. Techcrunch have around 15,000+ posts which is really Awesome!!!!

  6. Of Course techcrunch,mashable and labnol blogs are best tech blogs.We can’t compare with them because of they have plenty of unique content articles.We can take this as an inspiration.

  7. Hello Technika Blogger…
    I am happy that you have got that much of money for your blog..
    Hope you reach a round figure more than 6 digit..
    Hope you may like some of my articles…
    thank you 🙂

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