How Much Money Volkswagon Spent on TOI Talking Ad Campaign

Yesterday TOI surprised everyone with the innovative talking ad campaign known as “World’s first talking newspaper with Volkswagen Vento”. People were surprised by a robotic voice as they opened up their newspaper. The cheap Chinese device (black in color) embed inside the paper which activates when light falls on it. This campaign run in all the major cities of India (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai). Everyone is curious about the cost of VW TOI talking Ad campaign.

According to news published on The Economic Times, VolksWagon spends Rs 5 crore on TOI ‘talking newspaper’ campaign.


Image credit: Binoyxj

Total 22 lakh chips were specially imported for this campaign and the preparation was started few months ago.

This ad has been managed by Mediacom company which manages media planning operations for Volkswagen. This ad has got a praise for people across the country and according to marketing experts, this is very bold and nice decision taken by  company to create a buzz about the new car.

If you don’t know about this campaign then check out the video made by TejasNair.

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  1. How much cost incurred for the small device?? And how it is attached with the newspaper??? i.e whether manually or with the help of the machine.. if machine then what is the cost of those machine??

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