How Text Messages Evolved On Mobile Phones (An Infographic)

Once upon a time there was a time people used their mobile devices for just calling and texting purposes. Yes, there was not Youtube or fancy music players or even HD cameras on mobile devices. And people loved their smart phones just as much as they love them now. However, one thing that has stayed pretty much constant despite this evolution is the use of Short Messaging Service or SMS. Despite lot of other options such as the likes of Whatsapp, Hike or even solutions like Gtalk people still resort to a quick text to get an urgent message across. These are the same 160 characters that we sent with our black and white and highly pix-elated, monster sized cell phones which lasted for days on a single charge.

Yet, the number of people using SMS has evolved, a lot more people use it now than ever before. Just like any other evolution in mobile world, SMS-ing has also evolved. Things like emoticons, MMS etc have been added on and the interfaces are so much different. In fact texting has become one of the major relationship building blocks today. So how exactly this popular service has evolved? Check out this interesting infographic to get a better understanding of evolution of SMS.



Some of those stats such as how many people now prefer a service like SMS over actually talking is indeed mind boggling. Stay tuned at Blogtechnika for more such interesting infographics and tech information.

Via: Dailytekk

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